Another Piece of the Puzzle: Focusing on good news

Lynn Marr-Moore Contributing Writer

It’s time for some good news. Lots of not so good news all around us. I try to dwell on good things in my life. Most of the time it’s easy, sometimes it is difficult. Lately, I have had lots of good in my life. Thought I would share some with you.

You all know who our Charlie is? Tim and Jenny’s little girl, one of our beautiful grandchildren. Charlie has cystic fibrosis and our team of Charlie’s Angels raises money to fund the research for a cure for cystic fibrosis and Charlie. Well, Charlie is almost six years old now. We just had our annual “Lunch with Iowa State University head football coach Matt Campbell.” Coach became involved in our efforts and hosts this amazing luncheon with us every year.

This year, Charlie wanted to introduce Coach Campbell to the 120 attending our luncheon. She told me she was a little nervous about it, but she did a wonderful job. She shared with everyone three thoughts. She said that she liked Coach because he is her friend (of course, besties as she says). She said that she doesn’t like him, but she loves him for helping to make 65 Roses go away (has trouble with saying cystic fibrosis sometimes) and lastly, she said she likes Coach because “He is so cute.” Well, that brought down the house and Coach took over.

If you have never heard or listened to Coach Campbell talk, you know how eloquent he is. First thing he explained to those attending the lunch was that he and his team play a game.

“What we do at ISU football is play a game,” he said. Then he turned to me and said, “What you are doing is changing lives.”

Now if that isn’t good news, I don’t know what is.

I also had the opportunity to help at an ISU golf outing — my job was to make sure the coaches were happy. That was easy, they are usually a pretty happy bunch. But I also got the opportunity to sit down with Kyle Kempt and coaches Alex Golesh, Eli Rasheed, Mark Thurston, and Coach Campbell. Very interesting group.

I asked Kyle to tell me about his time with the NFL, after his graduation from ISU.

“All three days?” he asked with a smile. I told him yes, all three days. He told me that every little boy who plays football dreams of playing in the NFL. So, after three days in very intense tryouts, he determined that maybe it wasn’t what he thought it might be and came back home to Iowa State, where he was hired on as an assistant coach.

Coach Alex Golesh, whom Kyle will be coaching with, turned to Kyle and very simply said, “You know Kyle, sometimes things happen for a reason.” End of story.

J.D. Scholten, a family friend, announced that he is going after Steve King again, this time as a polished machine. You know, more politics, races, etc. J.D. often stays with us when he is on the campaign trail here in Story County. It’s like having one of the boys back home with us. The other morning, I woke up and the Sioux City Sue RV was parked in our drive. He and his driver had planned to spend the night in the RV…one problem — the AC quit working. So, they ended up at our house. We love having him here.

J.D. said that Story County has a very special place in his heart. He was born in Ames and continues to be inspired by so much positive change he sees in the area.

“Our campaign was very grateful to the people of Story County for believing in us and our message, and we hope to earn their support again,” he commented.

Big news for the State of Iowa.

“Is This Heaven?” Pretty darn close. Field of Dreams in Dyersville is going under major reconstruction, beginning next week. The New York Yankees will be playing the White Socks in a game on Aug. 12, 2020. Major League Baseball will be transforming the famous ballpark that we know from the movie, to a temporary park that will hold 8,000 spectators. Wow! How much fun will that be?

One last story in the news that touched my heart.

An 85-year-old grandma told her grandson that she had never seen the oceans or the mountains. You probably saw this in the news. The grandson (taking a break from studying to be a vet), so touched by his grandmother, took her on a 25,000-mile trip covering 38 states. Ryan, the grandson documented all their adventures on Instagram and Facebook, in hopes that their social media presence would inspire other young people to spend more time with their elders.

“I want people who are younger to know — you aren’t too cool to hang out with your grandparents,” Ryan told a news outlet. “I think we’ve lost that as a society. There’s so much perspective and knowledge we stand to gain from our elders.”

That will be hard to beat for great news. Hope my grandchildren are reading this.

Lynn Marr-Moore is a contributing writer for Tri-County Times. She lives near Kelley.