Never go shopping without a list

Staff Writer
Tri-County Times

Last Thursday evening I ventured to our new Fareway Food Store with a very short list of items so I wouldn’t forget anything. I thought with such a small list I’d take back a big batch of returnable pop cans that’s been in my garage for some time. At any rate, I shoved the two large boxes in my red F150 and drove down the dusty gravel to Highway 69 and on to Huxley.

Once inside, a pleasant young man exchanged the two boxes for a $10 voucher and I set off to find my items. Needless to say, I did feel it was necessary to push a cart, at least for appearance sake. OK then, lettuce, baby carrots and watermelon, those were not on the list! Heck, I had about 10 items in the cart and not even down the first aisle yet!

And when I did get to the end of the first aisle, some smart Alec employee from behind the meat counter yelled out for the entire store to hear, “Hey Grandpa, How are you doing?” If that wasn’t really my Grandson Trevor, I would have been ——ed-off. (Trevor: Ballard Graduate - ISU sophomore - Dean’s List).

Turns out the meat department had too much fresh ground beef on hand; I ended up with 10 pounds personally packaged by Trevor. I then set off to get the paper plates that were just within eyeshot; one of the few items on the list. And on from there with more unlisted goodies: Pepsi, Coke, ginger ale, bread, cinnamon rolls, butter, sausage, pastas, vegetables and much, much more. Back to the list with milk and eggs.

Eggs. I’ve got to tell you about my eggs encounter! As I’m starting to realize the cart is beginning to overflow I approach the egg cooler. And as usual, I reach in and lift the egg carton lid open to inspect, but this time I spy the initials “EB”! I thought to myself, “Good Gravy! It looks like the chickens are autographing their own eggs now. Simply ridiculous. I bought an illiterate dozen. As the old saying goes, “they are cheaper by dozen, too.”

OK then, I turned away to face the final aisle and the home stretch, where I needed met up with the friendly cashiers and well-mannered carry-out personnel. I did a little more un-listed shopping like: Sliced cheese, cheddar cheese and vanilla bean ice cream.

As I pulled the heaped cart up to the check-out counter it was nearly 9 p.m. — closing time. The curteous cashier asked, “Did you find everything alright?”, so I showed her my five-item list and she just laughed and kept scanning away… Total= $175.00+, minus my $10.00 store credit.

Overall, my entire family loves the new Fareway Store. Thank you, Fareway Stores Inc., for coming to Huxley!

Alan Thompson