Trinity Methodist Church of Huxley holds annual caroling

Lynn Marr-Moore Contributing Writer
Members of Huxley’s Trinity United Methodist Church went caroling at Ballard Creek recently. An annual event of Christmas caroling, basket preparation and delivery of the baskets to some of the elderly in the congregation topped off the annual tradition. See story on Page A2. Photo by Lynn Marr-Moore

Holiday traditions vary from country to country. One tradition that seems to have survived is the ever-popular tradition of Christmas Caroling. Carols were songs and dances of praise and joy in pagan times, and the practice of carol-singing carried over into the Christian era.

A group of carolers from Huxley’s Trinity United Methodist Church has established the tradition of caroling at Ballard Creek Assisted Living in Huxley over the years.

Leading the group of carolers is Tracey Weber, who is the youth committee leader. She is the go-to person who makes sure that everything is planned for the event, and Joane Cole schedules the group with Ballard Creek. According to Weber, there can be anywhere from 15 to 20 carolers each year.

“We have been doing this for many years,” explains Weber. “I believe that Trinity has been caroling at Ballard Creek ever since it opened, and prior to that time, our church members caroled around town at various houses.”

Several of the group are members of the church’s choir and usually someone is available to play the piano when they are singing at Ballard Creek. This year, Carolyn Dallinger was the pianist.

Weber said that anyone can join their group — they are welcome to contact Trinity United Methodist Church for details.

“We sing traditional Christmas songs,” added Weber. ““Joy to the World” and “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” are often-requested songs. Everyone always seems to be very happy to hear us sing.”

The group members are also known for the festive baskets that they put together and then deliver to selected individuals each year.

“We have developed a tradition of first going to Ballard Creek for Christmas caroling, then returning to our church for a soup lunch, and it is at that time that we actually put together the fruit baskets,” told Weber. “The baskets consist of various types of fruit such as oranges, bananas, grapes, apples, cookies and small pieces of candy. We deliver the baskets to elderly members of our congregation who have a difficult time getting around.”

Weber explained that church members supply the items for the baskets and then one or two of the church members deliver them. This year, eight baskets were put together and delivered to elderly church members.