Spartan community comes together for seventh-grader

Susan Livesay, Maxwell Correspondent

This past week, our Spartan Community has rallied together once again; not for our sports teams this time, but for one of our C-M students, Lindsey Pitcherello. With the power of social media, I am sure a lot of you have seen posts about this cute long-haired girl, asking for prayers for her since last Thursday. Lindsey (13 yrs) is a seventh-grader at C-M, and like many others in the nation, had Influenza A the week prior. Complications arose, and she was LifeFlighted from Nevada to Blank Children’s Hospital, where she went under immediate brain surgery. Doctors found an infection had spread to her brain, causing lots of problems, so they had to operate to clean it out. It was quite an extensive operation, all her long hair had to be shaved off, and at this time even part of her skull was removed because of the infection. As I write this, she is making progress, but has a long road ahead of her. The towns of Collins-Maxwell have done what they do best — rally around and take care of business. Besides tons of emails and text messages to the family, we have had a prayer service for Lindsey, organized meal trains for the family and set up a GoFundMe account for the family as well.

Lindsey’s parents, Dennae and Bryan, have been at the hospital 24/7 with her, but still at home are Lindsey’s other siblings — Zach Martinez (16), Gianna (11) and Bri Pitcherello (8). Townspeople have been taking care of meals for the kids at home, helping with grocery shopping — just anything that needs done while Dennae and Bryan are taking care of Lindsey. And the GoFundMe account was set up to help not only with medical bills, but also to bring in some income for the family. Dennae does in-home day care and has not been able to take care of her day care kiddos while at the hospital. Lindsey’s classmates have already sent her lots of cards and banners for her hospital room, organized a T-shirt sale and another parent has created bracelets to sell; all proceeds will go to Lindsey’s family.

And speaking of Lindsey’s family, Dennae and Bryan just keep saying they are awestruck by the amount of love and support that has been coming to their family. Dennae was born in Collins, but moved to New Jersey with her family when she was four. Some years down the line she met Bryan, and in 2015, they moved here from New Jersey. And luckily Dennae has family here in town that have been at their side since last Thursday. She mentioned that she couldn’t imagine being anywhere else right now; the love and support for them is keeping them going. They want to be home with the other kids, but it helps knowing others are stepping in to do things that they are unable to do right now.

Lindsey and her family have an army of Spartans behind them, and our towns are more than happy to do what is needed to help out. That is “small town” and this is our Collins-Maxwell Communities at their best. If you would like to send a card to Lindsey — please address to Lindsey Pitcherello, PO Box 69, Maxwell, IA 50161. If you would like to send any monetary donations, you can direct them to the Maxwell Methodist Church or visit the GoFundMe page.