Community leader and former educator Brenda Brink files for Iowa House District 49

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Tri-County Times
Brenda Brink

Brenda Brink, State Representative candidate from Huxley, made it official March 14 by filing her nomination papers with the Iowa Secretary of State, for House District 49 which includes Hardin and Story counties.

“I submitted 530 signatures from concerned Iowans. These signatures are from people I talked to at over 1,100 doors in my district this past six months,” Brink pointed out. “The issues people shared with me are the reason that I will continue knocking doors in the coming months, because voters need to know that their concerns will be heard.”

“People don’t like the fact that our state has gone from a $900 million surplus several years ago, to being so far in the red that the last two years have been one cut after another in vital services we need. They question how tax cuts can be an appropriate response. Young teachers are spending more money than ever out of their own pockets for their classrooms and wondering if they should look at moving out of state for a better life for their families. People see checks from the State of Iowa being handed to Fortune 500 companies, while their own communities lose more businesses. I have been hearing concerns about our health care and, especially that it takes months and years when family members need mental health right now. And, in Hardin County, people are upset with the influx of even more CAFO’s (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations), because it feels like that industry is treated like it is more important than their tourism, their quality of life and their health.”

Brink was born and raised in Southwest Iowa on a farm in Fremont County. She attended Iowa State University to become a vocational home economics teacher and then obtained further education to be a registered dietitian. Brink worked at Mercy Hospital Medical Center, Des Moines, and Bethany Life in Story City, as a dietitian primarily caring for older Iowans. Brink then went on to teach nutrition courses at DMACC.

Brink is married to another lifelong rural Iowan, Curtis Burger. Brink has spent much of her life advocating for others, most recently through her citizen lobbying at the Capitol through Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement Action. She has been involved with 4-H since her youth, citing it as an excellent opportunity for community service and leadership and continues to be involved in Story County 4-H. Brink has also led Ballard Community Dollars for Scholars.