Collins-Maxwell Elementary garden is a community garden

Staff Writer
Tri-County Times

The Collins-Maxwell Elementary Garden (funded by Alliant Energy Foundation) in Collins, is open to harvest. Community members have the opportunity to harvest from the garden. Back in May, Collins-Maxwell FFA members helped elementary students plant a variety of seeds and seedlings purchased by PIE. Due to the warm and dry weather, some of the vegetables are not producing like they should, but some are doing awesome!

The garden has tomatoes that are ready to harvest and will continue to produce. There is a large variety called the Bushsteak tomato and a smaller grape tomato called Mighty Sweet (it has 45 percent more of the antioxidant lycopene). There are jalapeno peppers, Flavorburst hybrid F1 sweet peppers and Basque fryer peppers. Radishes are ready and some are still growing. White onions and some peas are getting close to harvest. Cabbage and green beans will ready shortly. After you have harvested what you needed, please close the gate and enjoy!