Slater Museum creates video exhibit

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Slater Area Historical Association
A timeline of the First Ladies from 1915-2016.

COVID-19 may have slowed the number of visitors to Heritage Hall Museum in Slater, but the Slater Area Historical Association’s team is still creating displays and welcoming those who want to view its many exhibits.

The current featured exhibit “The History of Hats” has been recorded in a pair of videos which can be accessed on the association’s Facebook page, Slater Area Historical Association. The link will take you to the SAHA's YouTube channel.

The 12-minute video describes the history of hats and pictures many photos and hats in the exhibit – hats from the 1930s to the 1970s. This exhibit will soon be dismantled, so after watching the video be sure to call 515-480-9789 for an in-person viewing.

SAHA members are excited about the creation of the YouTube channel. This new video is planned to be the first of many, each one featuring one of the exhibits from the museum, including “Stories of WW One,” “Wedding Memories,” “A History of Aprons,” “Story County in the Civil War” and more.

Heritage Hall Museum is located at 318 First Ave. in Slater. Call 515-480-9789 to view the exhibits. Masks are required.

Women’s Club Tea 1962.
The Mod Scene 1967.