April performance at the Talent Factory will bring ‘New York, New York’ to Nevada

Marlys Barker, Editor
“It Was a Very Good Year” is the name of the Frank Sinatra tribute show that Tony Sands will bring to Nevada on April 6. Photo Graphic Contributed

The name of the performer that will be paid tribute to at The Talent Factory in April should be familiar to many.

On April 6, at 7 p.m., Delaware-based Frank Sinatra tribute singer Tony Sands will be taking the stage. Sinatra, as stated in his Wikipedia page, “was an American singer, actor and producer who was one of the most popular and influential musical artists of the 20th Century.”

“Growing up, my parents played a lot of Sinatra music at home. When I first heard his music, I really connected to it,” said Sands, who said his own talking voice naturally sounds a lot like Sinatra’s. “My wife says one of the reasons I sound so much like him when I sing is because I don’t even have to try.”

Sands said it was at an early age, about 10 or 11, when he really got interested in Sinatra’s songs and Sinatra’s phrasing. “I would sing along with the records,” he recalled.

He was growing up in South Philadelphia at the time. Sands is now 59 and has been performing as a Sinatra tribute artist for 20 years.

This will be his first performance at The Talent Factory, which is hosting a lot of tribute bands and singers these days. Sands said, “A friend of mine who is in the business told me about the venue. I visited the website, and I was interested, so I called and booked the show.”

Not only will it be his first appearance in Nevada; it will be his first time performing in Iowa. “I hope to find that there are many people who still love the great standards of Sinatra’s music…and maybe if there are some folks who have never listened to Sinatra before, April 20 will be the day to start,” he said.

Sand’s performance includes 21 songs. Some of the favorites, he noted, are “That’s Life,” “New York, New York,” “My Way” and “Put Your Dreams Away.”

The one-man show will also include a little history of Sinatra. “It’s described as a multimedia show that includes stunning graphics showcasing the early years of Sinatra, all the way up to the Main Event when he came out of retirement. There are six sequential stages of narrations throughout the show that tell the story about his life,” Sands said.

This show is called, “It Was A Very Good Year” and is a unique production that took Sands three-and-half years to produce. “It truly is a one-of-a-kind musical. If you love Sinatra, you’ll love this musical,” he promises.

Ticket information for this show can be found on The Talent Factory Facebook page, or online at www.iowatalentfactory.com. You can also call The Talent Factory at 515-382-0085 for more information.