Plans are set for third annual Pushing Our Pedals for Charlie Bike Ride

Lynn Marr-Moore
Plans are set for third annual Pushing Our Pedals for Charlie Bike Ride

On Saturday morning, Aug. 6, the Angels will be taking over the High Trestle Trail in Madrid. The third annual Pushing Our Pedals for Charlie Bike Ride will be invading the trail.

The fundraising event has proven to be a successful event to help fund research for cystic fibrosis. It all began three years ago for a little girl, Charlie Hugunin, daughter of Tim and Jenny Hugunin, of Norwalk. Tim grew up and graduated from Nevada High School. Charlie has cystic fibrosis.

Charlotte (aka Charlie), battles daily to breathe with this life-threatening genetic lung and digestive disease that causes heavy mucus in her lungs, pancreas and other organs. Charlie, with the help of her family, does hours of airway clearance treatments, nebulizer treatments, vitamins and enzymes for every meal. Thirty thousand people nationwide are living with cystic fibrosis.

The bike ride produces donation money used for valuable research and new medications, to help fund and find a cure.

Pushing Our Pedals for Charlie is a family event. Registrations are being accepted now. For information on how to sign up, go to the Facebook page titled Charlie’s Angels, or Pushing Our Pedals for Charlie Third Annual Bike Ride or email to

Along with the ride (this is not a race), there are several things taking place at the Flat Tire Lounge, where registration starts at 8 a.m.; a kickoff at 9 a.m.; free cinnamon rolls, coffee, chocolate and white milk provided by the Lincoln Center Hy Vee in Ames, as well as a free (donations accepted) lunch provided by Heartland Associates of Ames and a silent auction.

When former resident Dixie Philips heard about the silent auction, the quilter of 20 some years got busy and produced an authentic “65 Roses” cystic fibrosis fabric quilt.

The quilt is just a bit over queen-sized, containing fabrics she found on a cystic fibrosis website. The design is a made of multi-colored purple fabrics (purple and the rose are symbols used by cystic fibrosis), titled “Jewel in the Night,” a design by Riley Blake.

Twenty different fabrics and 80 hours of work later, the quilt is complete.

“I have been friends with this family for a long time, “ said Philips. “I believe in their passion and cause to help fund a cure for this horrible disease that sweet Charlie is dealing with daily. We need to help this little girl as much as we can so that a cure can be found.”

Philips said that she has followed Charlie and her Angels on the Facebook pages and really wanted to be part of helping out.

“I enjoyed making the quilt for the auction,” she said.

Philips said she has always enjoyed working with textiles, a passion of sorts. She has made 40 to 50 quilts over the past for special occasions and other fundraising events. She has made “forever” quilts for her grandchildren and son and daughter.

Over the past 52 years, Philips has worked helping individuals in her career as a registered nurse, another one of her passions. Her passion shows through on the beautiful quilts she has designed, most recently in the “Charlie Quilt.”

The quilt is up for bid now and will be until the end of the bike ride on Aug. 6. To submit a bid, email and if you cannot attend the bike ride, include your telephone number so you can be updated throughout the bidding.