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Submitted By Tammy Sposeto

History of Collins Days

For those of you who enjoyed Collins Days, June 24 -26, here are some facts from the past. Collins used to celebrate on July 4 instead of in June — at least there are records to that fact in 1899. In 1914, the Fourth of July celebration had people not only coming to town from other towns in cars and carriages, but also on the train. The Madrid Band provided music in the parade. There were horse races and foot races, with prizes of money and a box of cigars!

Though it wasn’t July 4, we had a Collins Community Fair in September of 1946. The booklet I have says it was the 17th annual community fair, so it would have started in 1929. I wonder when it stopped? It sounds like a lot of fun. The events were as follows: Thursday - entry day; Friday - Judging of Flowers, Judging of Culinary, Quilts and Rugs, Antiques, Hobby exhibits, Textiles, Canned Foods, (there was a ladies division and a junior division for girls in baking, canning and textiles), Judging of vegetables and fruits with prize money of $1 - $.75 - $.50 - $.25, Judging of Grain, Amateur Contest, Saddle Horse Show and Dance; Saturday - Judging of Livestock, Band Concert, Baseball Game Collins vs. Maxwell, Dog Show, Huntington the Magician, Duane Dahl and his Cowboy Band, The Rocky Mountain Ramblers and Dance. Concessions (of course) both days.