Polk City council hears of open house for police and other matters

T.K. WestContributing Writer

This past Monday night, Mayor Jason Morse announced a public open house held in honor of both police chiefs, from 11:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m. Friday at the Polk City Community Center.

“I’d like to take this opportunity to welcome Chief Kendig to the Polk City Police Department. I want to also thank the council. Although it took a little longer than we anticipated, you did it right,” former police chief Sanders stated in his address to the council at this past Monday’s meeting. “Chief Kendig comes to you with the reputation of being a cop’s cop and one of the top administrators in the area here. I think the future is bright for the department and the city. I made a lot of good friends while I was here. Met a lot of fine people. If there is anything I can do for you ever, please, let me know.”

In keeping with the spirit of community, the councilmen also heard from John Calhoun regarding updates to the playground equipment located on the town square. These updates, ranging from new swings to replacing the wood chips with a cement base and padding in order to allow a lot more safety if a child should fall, would greatly improve the town square, along with equipment that is highly used by Polk City residents.

“From my perspective, I think this is a huge step for us. As John mentioned, it gets used quite considerably. I see this as a big step forward with the square,” councilman Rob Sarchet stated.

After voting unanimously to approve a city involvement in the new playground equipment, the council then proceeded to discuss the Highway 415 agreement with the Iowa DOT. In this agreement, which included the addition of turn lanes, the Iowa DOT not only decided to take another $100,000 of the responsibility, but also allowed Polk City to pay in four equal installments rather than three.

“This is a huge improvement in the area. I know the residents down in Pine Ridge and Marina Cove are going to really appreciate the turn lanes being put in including those people who have to travel 415 on a daily basis,” Mayor Morse commented on the amended agreement. “Although we didn’t get everything, I’m glad we were able to get something.”

In addition, Mayor Morse also addressed the updating of publications located around the city. Approved five years ago, these publications are created in conjunction with the Des Moines Business Record. Taking approximately four to six months to complete, Mayor Morse has indicated that the new publications will take on a different approach. It is this change which will demonstrate how the city of Polk City has developed since its last group of publications.

“Last time what we took on was trying to get people to buy property in Polk City and move to Polk City, currently we don’t have that problem. Now, we are going to look at it from more of a business perspective, try to encourage growth on the square and businesses in some of our new corridors,” Morse said.