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114th Collins Alumni Banquet

The 114th Collins Alumni Banquet was held Saturday, May 28, in the Collins School Gymnasium. Hosts present were the 50 year class of 1966: Greg Robinson, Gerald Maxwell, John Crabb, Ken Krausman, Sue Lengeling Lomp, Carla Rhoads Kohlwes, Vicki Robinett Krausman, Marylou McQuiston Swanson and Linda Clemens Hale, along with guests of the class, Sally Kimberley Morris, David Huntrods, Jackie Tiffany Peters and Nita Kloppenborg. Master of Ceremonies Greg Robinson recognized the class members.

The 60 year class of 1956 was recognized by Betty Taylor Courtney. Class members present besides Betty were Jim Dodd, Marge Hickle Parham and Jerry Nichol.

Entertainment and the business meeting followed the meal. Everyone enjoyed getting together once again to see old friends.

The Collins Alumni Association and Banquet was formed in 1902 with the following officers: President Charles Angelo, Vice President Roy Cooper, Recording Secretary Grace Hall, Corresponding Secretary Alma Randal and Treasurer Howard Nibel. Classes responding were:

Class of 1892, Mr. Allard

Class of 1894, Frank Holland

Class of 1895, Stephen Carr

Class of 1896, Arthur A. Vasey

Class of 1897, Charles Angelo

Class of 1899, Charles Hall

Class of 1900, Howard Nibel

Class of 1901, A. T. Armstrong

Class of 1902, David Anderson

— Submitted by Charlene Mullihan

Memorial Day

The Memorial Day services at the Collins Evergreen Cemetery took place on a beautiful morning with a large crowd. Cars were parked for a mile on the road in certain places on both sides. Many people started making the cemetery beautiful the Thursday before the services by placing flowers on the older graves that usually don’t have family to do so. Poppies were placed by the stones of 83 Legion Auxiliary members. After the American Legion placed the Avenue of 58 Flags, which was started in 1969, as well as 210 small flags by the stones of past military, the cemetery was ablaze with color. We were told we had the largest gathering of people in the area. Everyone enjoyed the services, including the message, reading of the names of the fallen soldiers, the gun salute, the band, the playing of “Taps” by Addison Swaab and the fly-over of a 1942 Stinson L5 army plane by Roger Pointer.

A little history of the cemetery: Three acres of land were purchased in 1855 from Isaac Bricker and the first burial, Mrs. Parker, was in 1884. Acres have been added over the years as needed. The metal arch on the north end of the cemetery was at one time on the east driveway but was damaged by a tornado in 1963 and was made shorter and placed at its present spot. Recently, a beautiful new stone sign has been placed at the northwest drive.

— Submitted by Charlene Mullihan