Boulders Inn & Suites grand opening in Polk City

David KylePolk City Correspondent
Boulders Inn & Suites grand opening in Polk City

It has been at least 75 years since there has been a hotel in Polk City, and a number of local dignitaries, members of the Chamber of Commerce and local residents joined in celebrating the grand opening of a new one.

“The Boulders Inn & Suites Hotel opened its doors for business on June 21,” said Chelsey Falk, General Manager, Polk City Boulders Inn. “We rushed the opening ahead of today because we wanted to accommodate guests for the USA Outdoor Track & Field Championships.”

“All of us here at the Polk City Boulders Inn just want to get up fully open and just do business… maybe a little more decorating,” said Falk.

It was a beautiful day for a grand opening, the sun was shining there was a light breeze, and golfers could be seen on the 18th hole at the Tournament Club of Iowa (TCI) golf course.

The ribbon cutting ceremony was held at 3:45 p.m. and was well attended according to Shane Torres, president, Polk City Chamber of Commerce. “The hotel coming to Polk City is big and it will be a huge impact on our local economy and the growth of Polk City,” said Torres. “This coupled with Fareway recently opening will only lead to more business looking at and coming to Polk City.”

John Calhoun, director, Polk City Development Corporation, agreed with Torres about the hotel helping other businesses see the opportunities in our growing community. “The Boulders Inn will provide a significant economic impact on our community,” said Calhoun. “The hotel will help draw other businesses into our area.” Calhoun continued to explain how the hotel will aid in the community’s efforts at making Polk City a destination for recreation.

It is the goal of Boulders Inn to develop relationships and cooperative efforts with the local businesses to create incentives for drawing customers to the area. “I think it is an awesome thing for Polk City,” said Shawn Comer, owner of Papa’s Pizzeria. “Chelsey and I have been working on some special offers and services we can provide for hotel guests and we want to work on some other ways we can benefit each other.”

“We have also worked on putting together some golf packages with TCI,” said Falk. “We are good neighbors with and close to TCI so we have developed some complimentary services.”

The hotel has been open less than a month and has already had an impact directly on the local economy. Polk City Boulders Inn has 10 employees and some from Polk City and others from the surrounding area. “What the Boulders Inn offered and brings to Polk City is the right fit,” said Gary Heuertz, mayor of Polk City. “This hotel starts closing the loop on what most folks would consider a full service city and it was all done without any tax dollars.”

Local residents were vocal about their enthusiasm for the new hotel as well. “I’m very excited about a hotel coming to town,” said Dave Heisterkamp, pastor of Lakeside Fellowship. “It is another sign that good things are happening in Polk City.”

The grand opening was an opportunity for local residents to join with the staff at the Boulders Inn & Suites to welcome them into our community and encourage them on to great things.

The hotel staff expressed their desire to become an active part of the life here in Polk City. “We are going to be very involved in the community and the events throughout the year,” said Falk. “Everyone who works here at Boulders Inn is committed to getting to know the community and creating a family oriented atmosphere. That outlook will help us get along.”

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