Friday night’s game saw pass after pass as Perry football took on Boone for the last home game of the season. Senior night for the Bluejays ended in a close loss to Boone 35-28.

Perry lead for the entire first half starting with the first touchdown of the evening. After Kato Dougan made a huge catch to advance the Bluejays, Kaleb Olejniczak passed to Conner Kenyon for the touchdown. Mario Cruz kicked his first of many successful extra points to bring it to 7-0.

The next big play came in the second quarter when Jace Johnson made a huge stop against Boone on the 34 yard line to bring his opponent to fourth down. Yet another huge pass play came when Olejniczak made a 50 yard pass to Dougan for another touchdown. With 9:10 left in the second quarter, Cruz kicked his second extra point of the night to bring the score even farther ahead of the Toreadors.

It wasn’t long until Boone responded to Perry’s early game success with two touchdowns of their own. The second came with only 4:42 left before halftime. The Bluejays stayed strong, though, and blocked the second extra point to stay ahead by one point. That Perry momentum stuck for the little amount of time left in the half. Olejniczak made one more successful touchdown pass to Ever Tobar. With just 26 seconds left, the ball flew 28 yards preceding another extra point from Cruz.

The second half proved to be a little bit harder for Perry as spectators saw a hard fight, but no points for most of the third quarter. There was an interception that rocked the Blyejays late in the third quarter that put Boone at 1 and 10 on the 20 yard line. The touchdown in combination with a two point conversion had Boone tie up the game for the first time all night.

Perry stuck with the competition by responding with another touchdown to start the fourth quarter. A 37 yard pass from Olejniczak to Kenyon and a PAT from Cruz put the Bluejays ahead once again with 11:50 left in the game. Those minutes seemed to pass by very slowly especially after Boone responded once again with a touchdown of their own to tie the game. The Toreadors had the last word when they ran the ball in late in the fourth to get ahead and win the game.

The last game of the regular season will be on Friday, Oct, 19 at Humboldt High School.