CM Lady Spartans had a proper send- off in small-town style this past Sunday afternoon, as they made their way to Fort Dodge to play in the State Soft Ball Tournament. Complete with a ride to the softball field on fire trucks, playing a little ball with the school mascot Leo and ending with cheers from the crowd as they did their signature “mojo dance” to the Cupid Shuffle, they loaded up the decorated school bus and headed out of town. But not before they received a much-appreciated donation of ice cream from Home Team Ice Cream to eat on the bus, along with their favorite deli sandwiches from Logsdon’s Grocery, and then were escorted out to the highway by the Collins and Maxwell fire departments.

Fans have been very supportive of the team all season and thrilled with each win. Monday the girls had a great win on their first day of play against Newell-Fonda, never letting the other team score. Spartans won 5-0. They were scheduled to play Lisbon on Wednesday.

For those that couldn’t make the game, lots of fans were kind enough to make frequent posts via Facebook, so even if you were not there to see it, you still were able to keep up to date on all the excitement. Way to go Lady Spartans!