DES MOINES - The North Polk boys’ tennis team outlasted Saydel by a 6-3 score Monday at the Saydel High School Tennis Courts.

North Polk won four singles matches and two in doubles play.

In singles competition, Evan Moon trounced Saydel’s Dalton Silver in the No. 1 match, Alexander Pancheuko whipped Zach Bobenhouse in the No.3 match and Ethan Knight rolled past the Eagles’ Dylan Walker in the No. 5 match, all by a 10-1 margin. Colby Cupp added a 6-3 victory over Cash Lee in the No. 6 match for the Comets.

Moon and Jack Veber edged Silver and Peter Walkwitz by a 10-7 score in the No. 1 doubles match for North Polk. Pancheuko and Knight took the No. 3 match over Lucas Graham and Walker, 10-2.

North Polk 6, Saydel 3

Singles: 1. Evan Moon (NP) defeated Dalton Silver; 10-1. 2. Pete Walkwitz (S) defeated Jack Veber (NP); 11-9. 3. Alexander Pancheuko (NP) defeated Zach Bobenhouse (S); 10-1. 4. Lucas Graham (S) defeated Jarod Long (NP); 10-7. 5. Ethan Knight (NP) defeated Dylan Walker (S); 10-1. 6. Colby Cupp (NP) defeated Cash Lee (S); 10-3.

Doubles: 1. Moon and Veber defeated Silver and Walkwitz (S); 10-7. 2. Lee and Nuzum Mikel (S) defeated Cupp and Chiles (NP); 10-3. 3. Pancheuko and Knight (NP) defeated Graham and Walker (S); 10-2.

WEBSTER CITY - North Polk made short work of Webster City April 12 at Webster City.

The Comets blanked the Lynx by a 9-0 score. North Polk won five matches by shutout and only gave up one set in two victories.

In singles play, Evan Moon topped Alex Hooker in the No. 1 match, Jack Veber rolled past Jon Dixson in the No. 2 match Alexander Pancheuko took the No. 3 match over Tyler Geopfert and Brennan Gering whipped Dan Spicher in the No. 5 match. All four victories came by an 8-0 score.

Colby Cupp added an 8-1 triumph over Aidan Silvan in the No. 4 match. Ethan Knight won the No. 6 match by forfeit.

In doubles competition, Veber and Cupp blanked Hooker and Geopfert, 8-0, in the No. 1 match. Pancheuko and Ethan Knight earned an 8-1 victory over Hooker and Geopfert in the No. 3 match and Jarod Long and Chiles downed Dixson and Silvan by an 8-2 score in the No. 2 match.

North Polk 9, Webster City 0

Singles: 1. Evan Moon (NP) defeated Alex Hooker (WC); 8-0. 2. Jack Veber (NP) defeated Jon Dixson (WC); 8-0. 3. Alexander Pancheuko (NP) defeated Tyler Geopfert (WC); 8-0. 4. Colby Cupp (NP) defeated Aidan Silvan (WC); 8-1. 5. Brennan Gering (NP) defeated Dan Spicher (WC); 8-0. 6. Ethan Knight (NP) won by forfeit.

Doubles: 1. Veber and Cupp (NP) defeated Hooker and Geopfert (WC), 8-0. 2. Jarod Long and Brad Chiles (NP) defeated Dixson and Silvan (WC); 8-2. 3. Pancheuko and Knight (NP) defeated Geopfert and Hooker (WC), 8-1.