NORWALK - Ballard won the team title and North Polk produced the singles champion at the Saydel Invitational boys’ tennis tournament Saturday in Norwalk.

Ballard’s doubles team of Caleb Hamerlinck and Max Olsan took second and Colin Anderson and Tanner DeMaris placed fourth, helping the Bombers score 21 points. North Polk’s Evan Moon won the singles title to help North Polk tie Saydel for the next-best score after Ballard with 16 points.

Hamerlinck and Olsan scored a pair of 10-3 victories over North Polk’s Brad Chiles and Brennan Gering, and Saydel’s Zach Bobenhouse and Ray Gist to reach the finals. In the championship match ,they fell to Creston’s Jacob Cook and Jaden Driskell by a 10-7 decision.

Anderson and DeMaris whipped Saydel’s Lucas Graham and Dylan Walker by a 10-2 score and downed Fort Dodge St. Edmond’s Nelson Cook and Gage Johnson by a 10-5 margin in their first two matches. Cook and Driskell then defeated Anderson and DeMaris by a 10-1 score and Bobenhouse and Gist handed the Bomber duo a 10-4 setback.

Chiles and Gering placed sixth in doubles play with a 3-2 record.

The Comet team trounced Chariton’s Tanner Nance and Logan Caudill by a 10-2 score, fell to Hamerlinck and Olsan and came back with an 8-6 win over Graham and Walker and an 8-3 triumph over Chariton’s Micah Thatcher and Aaron Sullenger. In their final match, Chiles and Gering suffered an 8-4 setback to Cook and Johnson.

Alexander Pancheuko and Ethan Knight went 2-2 in doubles play for North Polk.

Pancheuko and Knight drilled Graham and Walker by a 10-1 score, fell to Cook and Driskell by a 10-5 margin, defeated Creston’s Matthew Kunz and Dustin Merritt by an 8-3 decision, then came up short against Cook and Johnson by an 8-4 score.

In singles competition Moon received a bye, then downed Ballard’s Jacob Alden by a 10-1 score and blanked Saydel’s Dalton silver, 10-0. In the finals, Moon whipped Saydel’s Pete Walkwitz, 10-2.

Jack Veber also competed in singles play for North Polk.

Veber received a bye, then fell to Ballard’s Chase Winterboer by a 10-4 margin. Veber defeated St. Edmond’s Cooper Fleming by an 8-3 score then fell to Chariton’s Billy, Rouw, 8-2.

Winterboer took fourth and Alden came in fifth for Ballard during singles competition.

Winterboer topped Chartion’s Stan Kutsel by a 10-4 score and defeated Veber. In his final two matches, Winterboer lost a 10-8 battle to Walkwitz and a 10-4 decision to Saydel’s Dalton Silver.

Alden blanked Fleming, 10-0, in his first match, then fell to Moon. Alden rebounded with a tough 9-7 win over Kutsel and an 8-3 triumph over Creston’s Carson Thompson before falling to Rouw in his final match, 8-5.

Final team scores: 1. Ballard 21, 2. Saydel 16, 3. North Polk 16, 4. Creston 14, 5. Fort Dodge St. Edmond 6, 6. Chariton 2.

Results - Ballard and North Polk

Singles: 1. Evan Moon (NP), 3-0. 4. Chase Winterboer (B), 2-2. 5. Jacob Alden (B), 4-1. Jack Veber (NP), 1-2.

Doubles: 2. Caleb Hamerlinck and Max Olsan (B), 2-1. 4. Colin Anderson and Tanner DeMaris (B), 2-2. 6. Brad Chiles and Brennan Gering (NP), 3-2. Alexander Pancheuko and Ethan Knight (NP), 2-2.