ALLEMAN - A slight edge in both singles and doubles play gave Ballard a 7-4 victory over North Polk in a rivalry boys’ tennis match April 5 at the North Polk Tennis Courts in Alleman.

Ballard won four matches to North Polk’s two in singles play. The Bombers held a slim 3-2 edge in doubles competition, getting off to a 1-0 start on the season.

In singles play, Max Olsan earned a 10-6 victory over North Polk’s Jack Veber in the No. 2 match and Chase Winterboer won by the same score over the Comets’ Alexander Pancheuko in the No. 3 match for the Bombers. Seth Wohlgemuth scored a 10-1 triumph over Brennan Gering in the No. 4 match and Tanner DeMaris won the No. 6 match over Jared Long, 10-6, for the other two Ballard victories in singles play.

In doubles competition, Caleb Hamerlinck and Olsan teamed to down Moon and Gering by a 10-4 score in the No. 1 match and Anderson and DeMaris won the No. 3 match over Long and Brad Chiles, 10-3. Nathan Wuestenberg and Peyton Culp added a 10-4 win over Kaden Geyer and Jacob Roberts in the No. 5 match.

North Polk’s two singles victories came in the No. 1 and No. 5 matches. Moon downed Hamerlinck in the No. 1 match by a 10-4 score and Colby Cupp defeated Anderson, 10-3, a battle between future Grand View University roommates, in the No. 5 match.

Cupp and Veber joined up to defeat Ballard’s team of Winterboer and Wohlgemuth by a 10-5 score in the No. 2 doubles match. Pancheuko and Ethan Knight won an 11-9 thriller over the Bombers’ Codey Erickson and Jacob Alden in the No. 4 match.

Ballard 7, North Polk 4

Singles: 1. Evan Moon (NP) defeated Caleb Hamerlinck (B); 10-4. 2. Max Olsan (B) defeated Jack Veber (NP); 10-6. 3. Chase Winterboer (B) defeated Alexander Pancheuko (NP); 10-6. 4. Seth Wohlgemuth (B) defeated Brennan Gering (NP); 10-1. 5. Colby Cupp (NP) defeated Colin Anderson (B); 10-3. 6. Tanner DeMaris (B) defeated Jared Long (NP); 10-6.

Doubles: 1. Hamerlinck and Olsan (B) defeated Moon and Gering (NP); 10-4. 2. Veber and Cupp (NP) defeated Winterboer and Wohlgemuth (B); 10-5. 3. Anderson and DeMaris (B) defeated Long and Brad Chiles (NP); 10-3. 4. Pancheuko and Ethan Knight (NP) defeated Codey Erickson and Jacob Alden; 11-9. 5. Nathan Wuestenberg and Peyton Culp (B) defeated Kaden Geyer and Jacob Roberts (NP); 10-4.