PELLA - The Ballard girls’ tennis team was overpowered by a strong Pella team, 10-1, in its season opener on a cold Monday at Pella.

Kari Holmes gave Ballard its only victory in the No. 3 singles match. Ballard’s No. 3 doubles team of Lindsey Kaldenberg and Hannah Elliott came close to victory before falling just short.

Holmes knocked off Pella’s Bronwyn Metcalf by an 8-6 score. Kaldenberg and Elliott suffered a 9-7 setback at the hands of the Little Dutch’s Madison Poe and Patience Dykstra.

Ballard’s Cheryl Blackmer and Tabitha Mai turned in a solid effort in the No. 5 doubles match before suffering an 8-4 setback at the hands of Pella’s Andie Sunderman and Abbie Nunnikhoven.

Pella 10, Ballard 1

Singles: 1. Brooke Jorgensen (P) defeated Kate Rietz (B); 8-1. 2. Cecily Johnson (P) defeated Anna Zielke (B); 8-1. 3. Kari Holmes (B) defeated Bronwyn Metcalf (P); 8-6. 4. Lily Roozeboom (P) defeated Lindsey Kaldenberg (B); 8-3. 5. Madison Poe (P) defeated Jenna Hernandez (B); 8-0. 6. Patience Dykstra (P) defeated Hannah Elliott (B); 8-3.

Doubles: 1. Jorgensen and Roozeboom (P) defeated Rietz and Holmes (B); 8-2. 2. Johnson and Metcalf (P) defeated Zielke and Hernandez (B); 8-2. 3. Poe and Dykstra (P) defeated Kaldenberg and Elliott (B); 9-7. 4. Hannah Blom and Pauliana Mendoza-Cervantes (P) defeated Rachel Wohlgemuth and Logan Conley (B); 8-2. 5. Andie Sunderman and Abbie Nunnikhoven (B) defeated Cheryl Blackmer and Tabitha Mai (B); 8-4.