To the editor:

I am writing this letter on behalf of Brenda Brink, a 30-year resident of rural Huxley, who is running for House District 49, which includes Nevada and surrounding towns. Brenda has shown tremendous energy as she speaks to Iowans on a daily basis, knocking on doors and taking part in forums.

Brenda will fight for clean water in our state, which demands examining pollution sources and seeking remedies. She is keen to assist small family farmers and the rural communities that surround them. Brenda will fight to do away with eminent domain when it is used to take people’s property to serve private industries. She will stand up for a living wage, so that all Iowans can afford a decent life. She supports public education in Iowa, which used to be a source of pride for Iowans, but which has been sadly defunded now.

All of the above is enhanced by Brenda’s experience working many years as a teacher. She later worked as a dietitian, knowing that we all benefit from better nutrition.

I have known Brenda Brink for many years and know her to be warm and considerate. Her openness and fair-mindedness would be good at helping to bridge divisions in our society and to work with both sides of the aisle on common goals. I do not hesitate to recommend Brenda for House District 49 and would urge all to vote for her on November 6!

Gina Folsom

Cambridge, Iowa