Like many readers, I have been a member of the Des Moines area’s small business community for years. There’s a certain degree of contentment over the local economy’s current health, and we must be proactive in considering ways to ensure continued economic success.

A key to a strong business environment is the speedy deployment of next-generation wireless services, or 5G. Multiple studies predict 5G’s economic promise as it’s expected to generate hundreds of billions of dollars in GDP and millions of jobs.

With so much business opportunity to follow, Iowa did the right thing and passed legislation to position itself as ready for 5G. This legislation will streamline the process to deploy small cells, which will help make 5G’s lightning fast speeds possible.

Unfortunately, not all states are forward looking like Iowa and could hold up the broader deployment path – even holding us back – if they don’t update their wireless infrastructure rules. The Federal Communications Commission can help rectify this issue by establishing a national framework that puts Iowa and the rest of the country on a faster path to 5G. There’s no time to waste.