Q: I understand the school gets reimbursed for some Medicaid costs. How does this work?

A: Enacted in 1965, Title XIX of the Social Security Act established regulations for the Medicaid program, which provides funding for medical and health-related services for persons with limited income. Medicaid reimbursement allows school districts to be reimbursed for services provided in the schools that are Medicaid eligible. Such services may include student personal health needs, behavior support, transportation, nursing services, etc.

To be Medicaid eligible, students must have Title XIX certification, a medical diagnosis, parent consent, and be receiving non-educational services (behavior management, seizure monitoring, toileting, medication administration, etc.) Page School Nurse Mary Ann Moklestad coordinates Medicaid Reimbursement Program for the Boone Community School District. This past year we billed for 3 percent of our student population that were Medicaid eligible.

-District Grand Total Medicaid Received = $973,177.06

-District Grand Total Federal Share= $534,360.80 (District keeps this)

-District Grand Total State Share= $438,816.26 (Goes back to state)

This funding is used to offset cost of services provided through our Special Education program.

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