Communication and Clothing Day was held Saturday, March 30, in Ames.

By participating in the 4-H Clothing Day, members showcase their apparel design and production knowledge.

With the Communication Day, youth learn written, oral and visual communication skills. Youth in both categories develop self-confidence through public presentations, practice self-expression and creativity, and learn how to organize and present information.

State Fair awards went to the following:

• Clothing Selection: Eden Bruner and Dillon Hanlon

• $15 Challenge: Dillon Hanlon

• Educational Presentations: Nathan and Madison Geater, Makenna Carlson, Dillon Hanlon, Caleb Hartsook, Isaiah Rozycki, Cael Vermeer and Max Town.

• Working Exhibits: Dillon Hanlon, Maria Rivera and Josie Kelly, Matt Sallee, and Sarah Tschantz, Olivia Moody and Ashlyn Davis.

• Extemporaneous Speaking: Zachary Campbell

• 4-H Posters: Eden Bruner and Luke Hartsook