Years and years ago the women of Nazareth Lutheran Church would spend time making lefsa and kringla for the holidays and sell them for others to have in their homes for their Norwegian celebrations. If you haven’t guessed, Lefsa and Kringla are Norwegian specialty food that is still loved by many today. This German/Irish descendant even has learned to enjoy them.

As in many small churches, the women grew older and the younger women did not have the time to make these specialties. But many of our men in our little church, whose mothers and fathers taught them the art of lefsa- and kringla-making, wanted to continue the tradition. So last year they began their own tradition. They even allowed this German/Irish decedent join them, as well as a few other women in the church. Yet most of the work is done by Mark Lewis, Dave Lewis, Vince Tomlinson, John Egeland, Nathan Hovland, Ray Ringgenberg, Kevin Lewis and Mike Lewis. (Kevin and Mike are Mark’s teenaged sons, learning from their father).

If anyone is interested in purchasing lefsa or kringla we will be selling it at the Vendor Extravaganza in Cambridge City Center on Nov. 17, from 9 a.m.-2 p.m. Or if you would like to become part of the tradition, just let us know and next year we’ll invite you to participate in the making of lefsa and kringla. Women and men invited!