Submitted by Gerry Stoll, Huxley police chief

10/1: Officer responded to an out-of-control teen at the 800 block of Race Street. The officer was able to assist the mother with her teen to the point he could leave the home.

10/6: Officer stopped a vehicle for a traffic violation on Fourth near Park Street. The driver of the vehicle, a 39-year-old Scranton man, was revoked. He was arrested for Driving While Revoked.

10/11: Officer received a theft complaint at the 200 block of Sycamore. An attempt to gain money by deception was made by a Corona, Calif., man over the website eBay. The Cambridge citizen did not have any loss as he did not fall for the scam.

Huxley officers issued two citations for traffic offenses and gave thirteen warnings; one person was arrested for Driving While Revoked during the month. Officers received 15 calls for service and had a total of 47 contacts for the month. Officers provided 87.25 hours of general patrol for the month.