A little detour and some drizzle didn’t sideline our homecoming parade last week. We just rerouted and still had lots of fun. From bonfires to toilet paper everywhere you could see, it was a fun-filled week for everyone. No, the game didn’t have the desired outcome that we would have liked, but the team’s loyal fans still came out and supported them in true Spartan fashion. The students ended the week of events on Saturday with their homecoming dance at the school. They had a week-long time to make memories, learn about old traditions, start some new ones and just plain have some fun.

And I will say, only in Iowa can we be wearing shorts and having the city trucks out spraying for mosquitoes on Thursday evening, to then wearing our stocking hats, hand warmers and blankets on Friday night! But hey, isn’t that why we LOVE Iowa weather? It’s always a surprise.

Dress-up days, of course, are fun for lots of the kids. Each day, pictures popped up all over Facebook and Snapchat of their creative outfits. Wednesday night, Pal’s Fieldhouse held their second annual chili feed and then led a group of Spartan fans to a bonfire near the park. Pal’s also donated proceeds from their chili feed to our Booster Club, $347, so thank you, Pal’s Fieldhouse!

I know lots of people helped make the entire week of homecoming a success, from planning to helping and cleaning. So thank you to all for making yet another homecoming a safe and fun one for everyone!