The October Sons of Norway Kong Sverre Lodge’s event will be held on Monday, Oct. 8, at the Community Center, 503 Elm Avenue, in Story City. The program will be “World War ll Heavy Water Plant Sabotage in Norway” presented by Arnhild Hillesland.

Arnhild will speak about Norway’s contribution to WW II, which was beyond heroic. The Norwegian heavy water sabotage was a series of operations undertaken by Norwegian saboteurs during World War II to prevent the German nuclear weapon project from acquiring heavy water (deuterium oxide), which could have been used by the Germans to produce nuclear weapons.

During WW II, the Allies decided to remove the heavy water supply and destroy the heavy water plant in order to inhibit the German development of nuclear weapons. Raids were aimed at the 60 MW Vemork power station at the Rjukan waterfall in Telemark, Norway. Arnhild, from Ames, is a native of Norway and received her Ph.D. in Norwegian language and literature at the University of Tromsø.

Social time is 6 p.m., with a catered dinner at 6:30 p.m. Cost is $7 for members and $12 for guests. Sons of Norway events and dinners are open to all interested in learning more about Scandinavian heritage and culture and guests are always welcome. For reservations, phone Shirley (515-733-4482) or Ingrid (515-292-7513) by Thursday, Oct. 4.