It’s been just over a week ago that Huxley residents Eric and Martha Reinertson experienced one of those “it won’t happen to us” events. They woke up from a sound sleep to find their Huxley home on fire.

After the couple retired from Iowa State University, they were leading a pretty normal life of retirement until the fire took everything they owned. They were able to get out of the burning structure they called their home, along with three of the four family dogs. One didn’t make it.

Local fire departments responded, but they were unable to save the home. Not even a basic shell remains. What can be seen is smoldering wood, and two burnt vehicles, still parked in the area where the garage once stood.

Still in shock, the couple wasn’t ready to tell their story. They asked that the newspaper come back in a week. They are living in a recreational vehicle that friends brought to them in the early hours of a Monday morning nightmare.

They have lost everything. Everything except their desire to rebuild on the current site of the now burnt boards and furnishings that once consisted of their home that housed their belongings. But they need help to find a furnished home in the general Huxley area to live in while they put their lives back together again.

“We have insurance and we can rebuild,” commented Eric. “But we have three dogs, who are all housebroken and good dogs. I would stand behind them and can assure anyone that would rent to us that they are excellent house dogs.”

The couple was in the process of getting new cell phones and getting their driver’s licenses replaced. They couldn’t talk long, but asked for help from their village to find them housing, and soon.

If you can help this Huxley couple get back on their feet again with housing, please contact Lynn Marr-Moore at and she will pass the message on to them. When they’ve had a little time to recover from the shock, they will let her write their story.