A number of groups have volunteered time at the Blackmer Farm, Iowa Gardening for Good, where food is grown to help Iowans in need. Here’s a rundown from Tracy Blackmer on all the volunteerism:

Antioch United Methodist Church from Springfield, Mo.

As part of a week-long mission trip, the youth group came to help. Despite the mud, they finished our third and final planting of cantaloupe, did some weeding and replanting of other areas. They literally got their hands dirty getting things done to help us grow produce for the food bank.

Boy Scout Troop 163

Gage Long, working toward his merit badges to become an Eagle Scout, planned and organized a group to plant over an acre of winter squash. This group will also return to harvest the squash in the fall. Special note — this was Saturday afternoon, when the heat index was 105 degrees.

Camp Fire Heart of Iowa

This group came out and worked through the wet conditions to help plant and weed cantaloupe, pick a few peppers and help salvage parts of the irrigation system.

KeyImpact Sales & Systems

Volunteers from different parts of the state came and they worked through the mud to help us finish the replant of our melons and put up a badly needed deer fence.

Palestine Lutheran Church

The youth came Saturday as the wrap-up of a week-long effort of doing community service in Central Iowa. They managed to get another round of cucumbers planted and another patch of winter squash planted before the heavy rains came Saturday evening. Students from the church worked alongside other volunteers, who came as part of an open Saturday for volunteers.