This winter Nazareth Lutheran Church, for four months, gathered yarn for the organization called “Feel Better Friends.”

I named our ministry “Bits and Pieces,” because every little bit of yarn helps in making dolls for sick children. Check out to see what this organization is all about and their Facebook page: https.//wwwfacebook.come/FeelBetterFriends/.

One of our member’s daughters, Beverly George, is the administer of the Northeast and Midwest regions of this organization that crochets dolls for sick children. It was decided that during Lent this past year, we would gather “Bits and Pieces” of yarn to send to Beverly George and other members to use in making the dolls.

At our church, like at other churches, people heard about the program and wanted to help. Wendy Dubberke and Lerin Hermanson (co-directors of Miss Wendy’s Pre-school) asked the children to join in by gathering yarn. The hardest part for these little ones to understand was that the dolls being made weren’t for them, but for children who were ill.

One little girl said she should get a doll because she was very sick this winter. Miss Wendy and Miss Lerin very carefully explained to her and to all the children that these dolls were very special for very ill little ones. They finally agreed it would be really fun to gather yarn for others. The families of these young ones responded with great gusto and brought in boxes and boxes of yarn.

Another member, Cambridge Memorial Library Director Janet Thorson, said a knitting group met every week at the library and she knew they would love to gather “Bits and Pieces” of yarn for “Feel Better Friends.” They filled a box and even brought in a garbage bag filled with lovely yarn.

A box in the back of the church was filled by “Bits and Pieces” from members of Nazareth, and when Beverly visited her parents (Jane and Don Rohde) this summer, we presented her with six boxes and one garbage bag of yarn. Thank you to the many people who participated in this ministry and helped this wonderful organization.

The Sunday after we presented Beverly with the yarn for “Feel Better Friends,” a member brought in more yarn for the box in the back of the church. The giving continues. If you have yarn you would like to give, join us on Sunday morning and fill that box with “Bits and Pieces.”