The Indian Creek Circles 4-H Club wanted to follow their pledge of “Hands for Larger Service” on May 6 at the Collins-Maxwell Middle School/High School grounds.

The club has discussed several areas of need and decided to tackle some projects at the local building in Maxwell. Mary Staudt and Marissa Boege were leaders for clean-up projects of two gardens that were previously installed by a 4-H’er, Gracie Cheville. They led their groups to rake leaves, pull weeds and trim the existing plants.

A.J. Smith led a project of new landscaping around the brand-new Collins-Maxwell MS/HS building sign. He designed a border with black mulch and plans to add some plants for beautification. He envisions this sign to be used in future photography opportunities and appeal for the school district.

The Indian Creek Circles would like to thank the Maxwell Community in their support of our fundraising efforts because it helps supplement the costs of these leadership projects for the Maxwell community.