Please join us in celebrating Iowa egg farmers. May Egg Month is a time set aside to recognize our dedicated and hard-working farmers, along with the businesses and companies that support the egg industry.

Iowa leads the nation in egg production, caring for nearly 55 million laying hens producing approximately 16 billion eggs. Iowa’s egg farming families achieve this incredible level of production by being committed to raising healthy flocks, producing safe, healthy, affordable eggs and protecting the environment for future generations. In addition to producing more eggs than any other state, Iowa egg farmers process more eggs than any other state in the United States, with the eggs being made into frozen, liquid, dried, or specialty egg products.

Iowa’s egg farmers produce a product that is economical and consistently recognized by USDA as the lowest cost per serving of high quality protein costing approximately 16 cents per serving and providing 39 grams of protein per dollar spent.

Eggs are on trend, as consumers embrace the versatility and health benefits. One large egg contains only 70 calories, 6 grams of protein and 13 vitamins and minerals. Eggs are delicious, people love to eat them and associate meals that include eggs as happy, memorable times spent with family and friends. Per capita egg consumption continues to rise in the U.S. to 279 eggs per person, per year, in 2017 compared to 275 in 2016. Those numbers, alone, are reason to celebrate.

The Iowa Egg Industry contributes more than $2 billion in total sales, some 8,800 jobs, more than $502 million in labor income and nearly $23 million in general tax revenues to Iowa, according to Iowa State University.

Join us this May Egg Month in acknowledging the important contributions the Iowa egg industry makes to the health, well-being and economic opportunity of Iowa.