WEST BURLINGTON — Southeastern Community College's West Burlington and Keokuk campuses have grown in recent years, so much so existing signage soon will be replaced to better help visitors find their destinations.

Paid for with $75,000 from the college's physical plant and equipment levy, there will be eight new outdoor wayfinding signs — two at the Keokuk campus and six at the West Burlington campus — as well as larger building numbers.

"Because we renumbered the buildings, we're going to be replacing the numbers on the exterior on the driveway side and the roadway side so they're large enough to be seen from your vehicle," SCC President Michael Ash said.

Smaller building numbers that will be visible from campus courtyards also will be added.

The wayfinding signs will be made of fabricated aluminum with a red, black and silver color scheme. Each will have a vinyl SCC logo at the top.

The 10 1/2-foot-tall Keokuk campus signs will feature a digitally-printed, vinyl map of the campus. Plans for the signage show enrollment services and building numbers on the map will be clearly labeled. Each will have a red star indicating where the sign is located on the map. One will be near the parking lot and Industrial Technology Training Center, and the other will be at the center of the campus courtyard.

West Burlington's signage will be slightly taller than Keokuk's at 11 feet. Rather than display maps, the double-sided signs will list building and parking lot names as well as enrollment services, with arrows pointing the way. 

"We're going to letter all the parking lots, and they'll be on the signage... so they'll point which direction to go when you're in the vehicle," Ash said.

Retroreflective vinyl will be used for the lettering and arrows.

"This is expensive, and we want to get it right," Ash said.

Signs will be placed near the northeast and south entry roads, alongside the parking lot that separates the Hall of Sciences from the 200 building, to the east of the Health Professions Center, just north of the 500 building, and next to parking lot B, which is to the west of Blackhawk Tower.

The signs, which will be manufactured by ASI Signage Innovations, are expected to be in place by late spring or early summer.