Story County Auditor Lucy Martin advises all active voters lacking an Iowa driver’s license or Iowa non-operator ID to check their mail in the next few days. On Dec. 6, the Iowa Secretary of State plans to mail new voter identification cards to an estimated 4,000 Story County actively registered voters who do not have an Iowa Department of Transportation number.

“I am concerned that the mailing by the Secretary of State contains no polling place information. If you have any questions, please contact my office,” said Martin.

The mailing by the Secretary of State includes an official Iowa Voter Identification Card. Voters are expected to sign the cards and present them when voting. These cards also include a personal identification number (PIN) that voters without an Iowa DOT ID must use when requesting an absentee ballot.

Voters with an Iowa driver’s license or non-operator ID will present it when voting or use its number to request an absentee ballot.

The voter cards sent by all county auditors in Iowa have changed as well. For voters without an Iowa DOT ID, a PIN card with a barcode is mailed as registration confirmation. For those voters with a driver’s license or non-operator ID, notification will be confirmation of registration and specifically states: “This notice will not be accepted as identification at the polls.” Voter cards are mailed by the auditor when a registration record is added or updated, or at the voter’s request.

Please note that voter cards sent to registered voters prior to Nov. 17 are not a valid form of identification for voting purposes.

New voter identification requirements in Iowa begin in January of 2018.