Sunday school at Fjeldberg has jumped into action for the local food pantry. When the pantry sent out a notice they were running short on personal hygiene items, cleaning supplies and paper products, Fjeldberg Sunday school students started a three-week drive to collect items. After just three short weeks, they had more than they ever thought possible — over 20 large bottles of laundry detergent, dozens and dozens of shampoos, body washes, hand soaps, deodorants, dish soaps, toilet paper, feminine products and dental items, totaling close to 500 items.

The kids enjoyed seeing the mountain of donations, and had fun carrying it to the food pantry next door. During class, they expressed joy that they could help families locally. Fjeldberg has a rotational class system that allows children a variety of classroom settings. One of the rotations is “Works For God,” and every week in this class kids do community outreach, talk about the less fortunate and explore ways to help others. This personal hygiene drive is one of many things the kids are doing to make an impact — this class also does baskets of joy for Ballard Creek residents, natural disaster relief and makes blankets for homeless teens.