Death notice

Linda Booth, long-time employee of Exchange State Bank, passed away this week; our thoughts and prayers are with her family.

Collins Community breakfast

The Collins Lions Club is hosting the Collins Community breakfast Sunday, Nov. 3, from 7 - 9 a.m. Don’t miss a chance for a good breakfast!

A little more history

Thirty three years ago John and Jenelva Patterson started their Patterson Supply Co business out of their house on Third St. As the business grew the UPS shipping part moved to a previous gas station on Hwy 65.

And as time went on more space was needed, hence, the purchase of the building on main St. A new addition was added to the back of the adjoining building for shipping, where they shipped nationwide. Thru the years, the business employed 15 to 16 women, who worked in clerical, shipping and handled catalog orders, and 6 or 7 men who handled the livestock supplies and shows. Al Graham went on to open Al’s Tire Shop after the cattle business closed. After retiring from the cattle business, the office was used for his car business. That office is the part of the building which was sold to the Library last May. So between two long standing families of the community, Patterson’s and Wright’s and the Library board, the New Wright Learning Center was born. The Center will be a wonderful addition to our community and surrounding areas. Thank-you to all that made this project happen!

Donna’s Thought for the Day

"The most important story we will ever write in life is our own - not with ink - but with our daily choices."

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