Elementary Open House

Saturday was open house for the viewing of the new edition to the Collins Elementary School. The new edition includes a preschool room, music room, art room with kiln, lunch room, and also offices for personnel and a lounge room. It’s very nice and a much-needed edition.

Collins School History - Baseball

Sources: Nevada Journal and school annuals

Fall baseball continues to decline with nearby schools and throughout Iowa. Fall 1971 season: Collins defeated Green Mountain 9-4; New Providence 8-2, 10-7, 9-4. Lost to Pella Christian, Steamboat Rock, and Stratford. Team members: Bill Crabb, Jerald Fitzgerald, Denny Long, Randy Holsinger, Marv Wilson, Randy Smith, Ron Holsinger, Keith Patterson, Tony Moses, Ken Caulkins, Frank Beavers, Brad Moses, Denny Smith, Bill Oswalt. Coach Bill Brooks.

Summer baseball season has replaced spring season. Returning players for the 1974 summer season: Ken Caulkins (p), Keith Patterson (c-p), Steve Lilliard (1st), Jerald Fitzgerald (2nd), Steve Oglesby (3rd), Denny Long (ss-p), Ron Holsinger (lf), Tony Moses (cf), Jim Anderson (rf). Collins won: Mingo 20-9, 15-8; Garwin 12-2, 8-5; Maxwell 8-3, 7-2; Baxter 11-8, 8-3. TA-MA-JA Conference season 9-5. Sectional tournament 13-5 over Mingo, losing to Prairie City. Coach Bill Brooks.

Donna’s Thought for the Day

"I hate it when I procrastinate, so I’m vowing to change that - starting tomorrow."

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