Following a 10-year hiatus, Camp-Iowa has been resurrected, revamped, and rebranded. Robin Spitznagle, the developer of Iowa’s original campground resource, said she gave up the initial site to raise her two sons but never stopped thinking about what she created and how it could be better. Spitznagle said, “Thankfully, in the ten years I’ve been away from the site, outside of purchasing the original name, no one has put in the time and effort to develop a camping community for Iowa. I took that as a sign that I needed to resurrect what I’d started.”

Camp-Iowa was originally just a campground resource – a place where a person who wanted to camp in Iowa could go to find the majority of Iowa’s campgrounds. With the advances in technology, Camp-Iowa is now a campground resource containing more than 450 Iowa campgrounds and a place for Iowa’s camping community to share information about campgrounds and camping experiences. Spitznagle said, “I am a research enthusiast who will readily admit that I am most energized by the hunt for information and the slicing and dicing of that information. It is gratifying to be able to share my results with Iowa’s camping community while connecting them in a way that wasn’t possible the first time around.”

Camping is a big industry in Iowa. Spitznagle said Iowa campers conservatively spend $40 million annually on weekend trips and week-long vacations – and that doesn’t include the cost of their rigs or site rental fees. “I had to run that calculation a couple of times because I couldn’t believe the impact was that big”, said Spitznagle. Based on who you’re sharing the road with from April through October, it’s no surprise.

Spitznagle encourages anyone who camps in Iowa or wants to reach people who camp in Iowa to visit