The Story County Community Foundation (SCCF) continues to expand its efforts to build a legacy of philanthropy.

In 2017, the Foundation helped facilitate private charitable giving through $4.4 million in charitable contributions received, served as a resource for nonprofit endowment building among the 60 nonprofit organizations that partner with SCCF and awarded $677,000 in grants for the betterment of Story County communities. Twelve new funds were started, including four donor advised and eight nonprofit agency funds.

“It is an exciting time for the Story County Community Foundation as we celebrate another year of growth in our communities through charitable giving, growth in our leadership and community philanthropy,” said SCCF Executive Director, Sunni Swarbrick. “At year end, our total market value for the 148 funds that we administer was $15.2 million, resulting in more than a six-fold increase since 2010. We were able to connect with 226 new donors in the last year that contributed to one or more of our funds.”

In addition to growth in charitable contributions and the impact that is being made among our nonprofit communities, Story County Community Foundation’s competitive grants provided $113,000 in grants to six Story County Communities and 14 countywide programs (see listing below). Grants from other charitable funds include grants from a fund established by each of SCCF’s 54 nonprofit partners that are used to support each organization’s mission. A total of 51 individuals or families have established a donor advised fund or designated fund to support causes that align with their charitable giving priorities.

“The incredible growth of the Story County Community Foundation is a true testament of the generosity of Story County residents and their commitment to make an impact right here in our community,” said Swarbrick “Since starting in 2005, SCCF has been dedicated to serving as a community partner in philanthropy. It is with the expertise of our organization’s leaders and the commitment of our community partners that we have been able to continue to serve the needs of our community. Today and every day, we remain committed to serve our communities by providing resources for endowment building, personalized service, and local expertise to donors.”