To the editor:

Our monopoly energy utilities in Iowa are pushing legislation at the statehouse that would hurt ratepayers across the state. Senate File 2311, which has passed out of the Iowa Senate and could be voted on by the Iowa House any day, prioritizes monopoly utility profits and would lock in those profits at the expense of us ratepayers.

Among other things, this bill would: Slash effective and affordable energy efficiency programs, deregulate oversight from the Iowa Utilities board and the general public on expensive new power plants and on utilities’ ability to raise rates, and pre-approve and allow eminent domain on any new natural gas pipeline in Iowa.

At a time when solar prices are plummeting and we can power our communities with renewable energy, the monopoly energy utilities are attempting to tighten their stranglehold on energy in the state. We know definitively that energy efficiency is the cheapest way to pay for energy, and has created 20,000 good-paying, local jobs in Iowa, but our monopoly energy utilities are trying to prevent their ratepayers from using less energy and saving money in order to ensure their billions in profits.

Please contact your state representative and Gov. Reynolds to oppose Senate File 2311 and any attempt to undermine energy-efficiency programs in Iowa. We need more energy efficiency that benefits more people, not less.

Annette Gehling

Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement member