About Us

The Tri-County Times, which serves southern Story County, northern Polk County and the eastern edge of Boone County is a 120-year-old publication.

Our Mission

Our goal is to deliver a newspaper that is informative, interesting and full of the kinds of information you need to live a fuller life in the Tri-County Times area. We are committed to accuracy and honesty in our reporting practices. We are always happy to hear of news and story ideas in our coverage area.

The Tri-County Times is published, generally, every Thursday of the year, and welcomes local news from the following communities: Collins, Maxwell, Cambridge, Huxley, Slater, Kelley, Sheldahl, Alleman, Polk City, Elkhart and Madrid. We cover high school sports for the Collins-Maxwell, Ballard and North Polk high schools.

A Little History

The Slater News began on Jan. 17, 1890 with F.B. Kramer & Co. publishers. About Oct. 1st of the same year Ole Langland acquired the plant and continued the publication of the paper until December 1902. Andrew Maland was publisher until 1939 when Phil and Mary Rood purchased the newspaper. Ed and Sharon Rood became publishers in 1972. The paper was named The Tri-County Times later that year. The Tri-County Times is now owned byGatehouse Media Inc.