HUXLEY – The Ballard boys’ tennis team came up just short against rival North Polk Friday in Huxley as the Bombers suffered a 6-5 loss at the hands of the Comets.

Ballard dropped both the Nos. 1 and 2 singles and doubles matches. The Bombers also lost a pair of pivotal 11-9 matches that proved to be the difference as they fell to 1-3 on the season.

In singles play, Devin Wargo gave Ballard a decisive 10-1 victory over North Polk’s Brian Keasey in the No. 3 match. Jacob Herrin added a 10-5 triumph over the Comets’ John Washington in the No. 5 match and Sam Kruger won the No. 6 match by a 10-7 score over Garrett Houge.

Anthony Lettow lost a hard-fought 11-9 decision to North Polk’s Brandon Anderson in the No. 4 match. Joe Kruger was handed a 10-4 loss by the Comets’ Nathan Greiner in the No. 1 match and Nathan Carlin suffered a 10-1 setback against Michael Rimathe in the No. 2 match.

The team of Lettow and Herrin gave Ballard a 10-4 victory over Keasey and Washington in the No. 3 match. The Bombers also snared a victory in the No. 4 match as Jacob Torkelson and Brody Echer handed Dustin Murray and A.J. Free a 10-2 setback.

Darrian Ward and Cole Wilson suffered a heartbreaking 11-9 loss to North Polk’s Garrett Halverson and Mason Mayfield in the No. 5 doubles match. Wargo and Carlin were dealt a 10-7 loss by Rimathe and Anderson in the No. 1 match and the Kruger boys suffered a 10-4 setback versus Greiner and Houge in the No. 2 match.

North Polk 6, Ballard 5

Singles: 1. Nathan Greiner (NP) defeated Joe Kruger (B); 10-4. 2. Michael Rimathe (NP) defeated Nathan Carlin (B); 10-1. 3. Devin Wargo (B) defeated Brian Keasey (NP); 10-1; 4. Brandon Anderson (NP) defeated Anthony Lettow (B); 11-9; 5. Jacob Herrin (B) defeated John Washington (NP); 10-5; 6. Sam Kruger (B) defeated Garrett Houge (NP); 10-7.

Doubles: 1. Rimathe and Anderson (NP) defeated Wargo and Carlin (B); 10-7; 2. Greiner and Houge (NP) defeated J. Kruger and S. Kruger (B); 10-4. 3. Lettow and Herrin (B) defeated Keasey and Washington (NP); 10-4; 4. Jacob Torkelson and Brody Echer (B) defeated Dustin Murray and A.J. Free (NP); 10-2. 5. Garrett Halverson and Mason Mayfield (NP) defeated Darrian Ward and Cole Wilson (B); 11-9.

OSCEOLA – It wasn’t Ballard’s day versus Clarke April 15 as the Bombers were unable to score a single victory in a 9-0 loss to the Indians in Osceola.

Ballard’s best showings came in the No. 2 singles match and No. 3 doubles match. Nathan Carlin suffered an 8-5 loss to Clarke’s Jared Jamison in the singles match and Jacob Herrin and Sam Kruger fell by the same score to the Indians’ Ali Aly and Holden Hewitt in the doubles match.

Joe Kruger (No. 1 singles match), Bryce Hull (No. 3 match) and Herrin (No. 6 match) all fell by an 8-3 score. The No. 2 Bomber doubles team of Hull and Devin Wargo also suffered an 8-3 setback.

Clarke 9, Ballard 0

Singles: 1. Colin Morris (C) defeated Joe Kruger (B); 8-3. 2. Jared Jamison (C) defeated Nathan Carlin (B); 8-5. 3. Yahia Aly (C) defeated Bryce Hull (B); 8-3; 4. Jacob Redman (C) defeated Devin Wargo (B); 8-2. 5. Ali Aly (C) defeated Anthony Lettow (B); 8-1. 6. Holden Hewitt (C) defeated Jacob Herrin (B); 8-3.

Doubles: 1. Morris and Jamison (C) defeated Kruger and Carlin (B); 8-2. 2. Y. Aly and Redman (C) defeated Hull and Wargo (B); 8-3. 3. A. Aly and Hewitt (C) defeated Herrin and Sam Kruger (B); 8-5.