DES MOINES - The Ballard girls’ tennis team made short work of Saydel April 25 at Saydel High School as the Bombers swept past the Eagles by a 9-0 score.

Ballard picked up three shutout victories and only dropped one set in four matches. The win put the Bombers at 6-1 on the season.

In singles play, Kate Rietz and Lindsey Kaldenberg each won by shutout. Rietz defeated Riley Backus by an 8-0 score in the No. 2 match and Kaldenberg won the No. 6 match by the same margin over Alitzel Rodriguez.

Bry Ronca pulled off an 8-1 win over Katie Schmidt in the No. 1 match and Mikayla Rietgraf won the No. 3 match by an 8-1 margin over Megan Schmidt. Kari Holmes also pulled off an 8-1 victory in the No. 5 match over Saydel’s Casey Campbell.

Anna Zielke prevailed by an 8-3 score over Maggie Valdez in the No. 4 match for Ballard.

Rietgraf and Kaldenberg scored an 8-0 victory over Campbell and Rodriguez in the No. 3 doubles match for Ballard. Ronca and Rietz toppled Katie Schmidt and Backus by an 8-1 margin in the No. 1 match and Zielke and Holmes won the No. 2 match over Megan Schmidt and Valdez, 8-2.

Ballard 9, Saydel 0

Singles: 1. Bry Ronca (B) defeated Katie Schmidt (S); 8-1. 2. Kate Rietz (B) defeated Riley Backus (S); 8-0. 3. Mikayla Rietgraf (B) defeated Megan Schmidt (S); 8-1. 4. Anna Zielke (B) defeated Maggie Valdez (S); 8-3. 5. Kari Holmes (B) defeated Casey Campbell (S); 8-1. 6. Lindsey Kaldenberg (B) defeated Alitzel Rodriguez (S); 8-0.

Doubles: 1. Ronca and Rietz (B) defeated K. Schmidt and Backus (S); 8-1. 2. Zielke and Holmes (B) defeated M. Schmidt and Valdez (S); 8-2. 3. Rietgraf and Kaldenberg (B) defeated Campbell and Rodriguez (S); 8-0.