This morning I was surfing around Facebook and came upon the photo of the Nevada Police officer shoveling snow off the driveway of a home in Nevada. Just happened to be the home of a lady that probably should not have been out shoveling snow. The police officer escorted her inside her home and then cleaned off the driveway for her. The true meaning of to Serve and to Protect.

I have been thinking about writing something about “Powerful People.” This Nevada officer is really a powerful person.

There are 7.4 billion humans on the planet Earth. I take up some space in that count. I take up some space on my Earth. I do not consider myself a powerful person, but I would like to share with you some of the powerful people that I have written about during the last few years.

First and foremost, my definition of a powerful person does not necessarily agree with some definitions that I looked up. One said that a powerful person has their power come to them as a result of their behaviors, their actions and their habits. Let’s look at this.

Melissa Salguero, teacher at PS 48 in the Bronx. Not someone I have met, other than through a feature about this music teacher who made a significant and lasting contribution to her school. It all began with no music, no school song, no mascot. It ended with music and an entire fifth-grade band. She brought to school her electric drill and a whole bunch of carrots and she made flutes for all the children from the carrots. Unbelievable. The children would come in before school for music. She said that she could not take time from regular classes —it was so important that they stay on track with their learning. From their efforts, they now have a fifth-grade band (with real instruments) and Melissa was awarded a Grammy for what she did. The children commented that Ms. Salguero makes them feel special about themselves — that she makes their day and makes them feel great.

Now that is a powerful person.

Closer to home. The Olympics are in full force. In the midst of all this, Ballard High School student Joslyn Waelti-Johnson is being featured on our local news as an accomplished figure skater. And indeed she is. I wrote her story and I was amazed at her talent and even more amazed at the powerful people in her life. You see, Joslyn has two moms, Candi and Dawn Waelti-Johnson, who get up every…single…morning at 4 a.m. to get her on the ice. They have done this for years and years, and they encourage her and they love her. Not a big deal? No, not big — it’s huge.

They are powerful mothers.

One of my most favorite is Andrew Allen, now YSS president and CEO. I now affectionately refer to Andrew as someone who was the meanest, most rotten child in Nevada. He pulled himself up and worked through issues and now is the president and CEO of YSS. I am not sure if there is anyone more powerful within himself than Andrew is now. Andrew believes that the credit goes to God and the community of people who supported him. Powerful people showing Andrew the way to becoming a powerful person. Truly an inspiration to young and old alike. I just happen to fall into the old category on this and he really is a powerful person. Absolutely a result of behaviors and actions.

I know a soldier-teacher who is a hero. Jeramiah Cox, Ballard High School graduate, who served 18 years in the military. Jeramiah has a young family and a huge heart. Jeramiah said that he was fortunate and honored to have served his country and proud to have done it. He feels that it helps him be a better teacher. What is a more powerful occupation than being a teacher?

Jesse Dinsdale, a former Huxley boy, another teacher who is a powerful person, making a difference in students’ lives. Jesse accepted a challenge, and with a 3D printer, his class built devices for their own classmates to make their lives easier. The devices they made with the 3D printer allowed two students to hold pencils so they could continue to do their schoolwork while their wrists were in casts due to injuries. A powerful person allowing his students to become powerful students.

Seven-year-old Ayla Shill from Kelley is an aspiring artist. She draws and colors masterpieces and then takes them to the Madrid Home and distributes her work to the residents. She usually takes her doll and her stroller and loads up on her artwork. She admits that it is a lot of work. She usually draws birds and rainbows, loves pink and dark blue and when she grows up she wants to be an artist that paints. She has a powerful heart.

Cambridge resident Ronda Ceynar works endlessly making sure that the children in the Ballard School District have food to eat. Ronda has been gathering, begging and buying food for families and kids for the past four years, making sure that the 40+ families she helps have food. Double powerful person.

Last, but far from least, is Michael Wiechmann, the Huxley 10-year-old who decided that he wanted to help the homeless youth in the area. He decided to fill 50 bags with necessary items for daily life — everyday things that we take for granted. He not only hit his goal of 50, but was able to fill 109 Blessing Bags and purchase 18 gift cards to be used for additional items. He did this during Christmas — the season for giving. His mom commented that Michael has a good heart with strong faith. I don’t believe that anything is more powerful than that.

I really believe that there are more powerful people than persons with power in the world. I think that should make for a better planet. A planet that will sustain and live on for the future powerful people.

Lynn Marr-Moore is a contributing writer for the Tri-County Times and Nevada Journal.