Gov. Branstad and Lt. Gov Reynolds’ campaign committee, called "the Governor Branstad Committee," recently announced the initial organization of 1,040 county chairs across the state. The organization, which will continue to grow as the campaign works to fill every precinct, includes co-chairs in every county.

"This is just the beginning of our continual work to build the strongest grassroots organization Iowa Republicans have ever seen," said campaign manager Jake Ketzner.

Story County residents who have joined the Governor Branstad Committee include: Melissa Anderson, Rep. Rob Bacon, Caleb Bell, Noah Branson, B.J. Brugman, Jessica Chrystal, Jeremy Davis, Rep. Dave Deyoe, Deborah Deyoe, Jeremy Freeman, Jon Laudner, Auditor Mary Mosiman, Dan Mosiman, Dane Nealson, Bill Nichols, Matt Randall, Rick Sanders, Calli Sanders, LaVon Schiltz, Vaughn Seaton, Jim Sperry, Gary Van Buskirk and Mary Warren.