The Huxley Planning and Zoning Commission has directed city staff to draw up language for review concerning an amendment to an ordinance that was passed for city business signs.

Justin Moore, zoning administrator, said he and the city’s attorney will work on wording for an amendment that will get rid of the Dec. 31, 2014, deadline for conforming to the city’s ground sign height and size requirements. Current city code states business signs cannot exceed 10 feet in height and 100 square feet in area. Eight business signs in the city are in violation of the code. The amendment would grandfather the violating signs in, allowing them to remain unchanged. Moore said once those signs become in such poor condition that they need to be replaced, those businesses will have to get new signs that fall under the height and size requirements. All new business signs not currently existing must follow the size requirements.

The language for the proposed amendment to the ordinance will be brought to the commission for approval at a future meeting. Business owners whose signs are in violation will also be contacted regarding the proposed amendment. Once approved, the amendment will be sent to the city council for final approval.