Well, another Old Settlers has come and gone, and from what I have heard around the community, it was a success. I didn’t visit all areas of the park during the weekend, but I did check in with people afterwards and almost all said that the weather was so good, that really helped bring in the people. Our town celebration certainly is much longer than some in other surrounding communities. It started out on Thursday night with a youth dance at the Community Center, and finished up on Sunday at the park with some rounds of horseshoes and quite a few muddy jeeps.

I had the pleasure of being one of the parade announcers again this year, and it was quite a long one… I was ready with my dog treats and carrots (for the horses). Only one dog came through this year; it has been mentioned to me that I need to start the "Basset Waddle" back up again - I will work on it for next year. Two beautiful horses snacked on the carrots I gave them and a few owners took some from me for after the parade. Our famous "Old Settler," Bonnie Schauper, sat near me at the parade, and said she enjoyed my announcing. Since Bonnie is the authority on Old Settlers, if I made her happy, then I must have done alright. She did comment that the first Old Settler Picnic, from what they can tell from the history, was around 1888, give or take a few years. Wow, that is a long time to have this tradition going.

Maxwell did have the Story County Freedom Rock dedication right after the parade, and the Grand Marshal Bubba Sorensen was on hand for that as well. There were carnival rides this year, a 5K run, softball games, talent shows, truck and tractor pulls, and of course, the rodeo, performed both Friday and Saturday night as well. There were plenty of things to see and do. A member of the Old Settlers committee said that all the events were well attended, and all food vendors were happy with the size of the crowds. All-in-all, it was a good weekend, and the Legion and VFW members of the Old Settlers committee are ready to REST.

Well, they get a few days off, because planning for next year will start soon. Thanks to all the volunteers who made the weekend a great success.