The deadline for Huxley businesses complying with sign height requirements has been extended.

The Huxley City Council voted to extend the original deadline, which was Aug. 1, 2011, during their meeting Tuesday, Sept. 10. Justin Moore, deputy city clerk/zoning administrator, said the city had forgotten about the two-year-old deadline and decided something needed to be done. The Planning and Zoning Committee proposed the deadline be extended until Dec. 31, 2014, to allow all businesses to become compliant with the original ordinance. According to Huxley’s city code, any signs that are not within 1,500 feet from the right-of-way of Interstate 35 cannot exceed 10 feet in height and 100 square feet in area.

The height limit was put in place 10 years ago in order to prevent Huxley from becoming "an interstate city," Moore said. Instead the city encouraged businesses to have monument signs because they are better looking.

Currently, eight business signs in Huxley are in violation of the ordinance - Casey’s General Store (south location), Dollar General, Fidelity Bank, Jerry’s Automotive, Quick’s Hardware Hank, the two signs in the Ballard Plaza and the former Dairy Queen sign.

Jolene Lettow, city clerk, said representatives of the businesses whose signs are in violation of the ordinance were in attendance at the meeting. The business representatives, among other things, were concerned about the cost associated with changing their signs in order to be in compliance with the ordinance. Lettow said after much discussion, the city attorney advised the council to pass the ordinance, reminding them that amendments could be made to the ordinance prior to the Dec. 31, 2014, deadline. Amendments that are made could include wording that would make the ordinance more agreeable to businesses whose signs currently exceed the height and size requirements. Business owners will need to work with the Planning and Zoning Committee to look at possible solutions that everyone can agree on if they do not wish to follow the ordinance. Planning and Zoning will then pass on any amendment proposals to the council for approval.