The results of a re-bid for the Highway 69/First Street improvement project will be discussed during the Dec. 10 Huxley City Council meeting.

A public hearing will be held regarding the project at the start of the meeting, scheduled for 6 p.m., to go over the project and submitted bids.

Bids were taken for the project through Dec. 4 at 2 p.m. By re-bidding the project, the city hopes the project will attract more competitive bids, unlike what happened when the project was orginally bid last June. Only one bid was submitted last time and it was $50,000 over the engineer’s estimated cost of the project. A lack of submitted bids was due to the late snowfall in early May and wet spring that caused contractors to fall behind on other projects.

The scope of the project remains the same. The east side of Highway 69 at the intersection will be widened 12 feet to allow for left turning lanes to be added for north- and south-bound traffic, and a traffic light will be added at the intersection to ease traffic flow. The gravel pathway on the southeast corner of the intersection that leads to the Heart of Iowa bike trail will also be paved as part of the project. New pavement will extend from the intersection to the trees at the entrance of the trail. The intersection will remain open to traffic throughout the entire construction process, with the exception of one weekend during which traffic through the intersection will be controlled by flaggers.

The project is expected to cost $493,000. The city received a $200,000 Urban-State Traffic Engineering Program (U-STEP) grant from the Iowa Department of Transportation that will be used to cover part of the project’s cost, while the city will be responsible for the remaining amount.