The Huxley Enhancement & Recreation Organization (HERO) is funding a feasibility study to evaluate the potential of an education foundation for the Ballard Community School District. Jim Collogan, of The Foundation Group, has been hired to lead a group of volunteers in a six-month process to investigate how and why such an organization might function at Ballard.

"When HERO heard about the possibility of a feasibility study taking place to form a foundation for the school district, we were very excited to help in any way we could," said Sara Hillebrand, current HERO president. "HERO is dedicated to giving back to the community, and we are proud of our school district’s great work. We also know that there is more we can do, and we feel a foundation dedicated to supporting the school’s vision will benefit the entire community." Proceeds from the 2013 Casino Night are funding this project.

The feasibility study committee will present a report at the April 14 school board meeting. The meeting, held at 6:30 p.m. in the City Council Chambers at 3C’s, is open to the public. Members on the committee include Ballard Superintendent Ottie Maxey, Suzanne Askelsen, Howard Hammond, Sara Hillebrand, Bob Krause, Lacey Loewe, Jean Saveraid, Marge Sheldahl, Mike Upah and Sara Wilson.

Following the April meeting, the committee plans to form a board and move through the formal process of establishing an education foundation to benefit the Ballard Community School District.

HERO was formed to give community members a platform to interact with other citizens, while working collectively to enhance the Huxley community through service projects and community social events. To learn more, visit